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"A simple system easy to remember and improvements were seen in minutes...all I need to do now is practise!"

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Why Paradigm Shakers

A Paradigm Shake is a change in basic assumptions of an accepted theory. It is in contrast to the idea regarded as the norm. Shaking or shifting a paradigm enables us to look ate things differently. This encourages people to re-think their views and ideas and looks at situations from a different perspective.

Look I didn't make this stuff up. One dictionary definition is "when the usual and accepted way of doing or thinking about something is changed"

OK that's the theory, if like us, you believe as we do, that learning new skills enhances you as a person and changes the way you view situation. And as a result this often changes your behaviour for the better; we're on the same wave length.

Phew that's the hard bit over.

The Duck Rabbit Illusion

So a Paradigm shaker is someone who introduces you to new ideas, or ways of looking at things with a fresh pair of eyes. What do you see when you look at this image?   Do you see a duck or a rabbit?

It was very clear that in this new century and the age of computerisation, globalisation and rapid business reorganisation. There is a need to be better prepared in business. Which is where the Paradigm Shakers are here to help you.

What We Do

The Paradigm Shakers training concept was established as a result of the work done by Paul Johnstone over several years training professional sportsmen and in a corporate environment as well as a professional networker.

You are an individual and we believe that our focus should be on maximising the impact of the individual. Therefore you will be treated as an individual and benefit from training techniques that are both innovative and practical.

Our workshops provide a unique learning experience in a supportive environment. Places where you build up your self-confidence and learn new empowering techniques. Our assessment and positive feedback ensures you get maximum benefit from all our workshops. You learn by doing so you get the opportunity to participate in a variety of practical activities.

Helping you exceed your expectations

In addition to being highly experienced and effective trainers, all our workshop leaders have something else in common. They are all passionate about helping people exceed their expectations.

Your success is our driver. You should leave our workshops not only with a confidence that is empowering. Also with a confidence that is built on a solid foundation of newly developed skills. You will have the peace of mind that will continue to help take you to the next level. All this improvement will be seen in your personal development.

Workshops Work!

Why workshops? This is not an unusual question for us. The answer is simple, because they work.

A workshop gives people an opportunity to practice there and then. The information is acquired and retained almost instantly. People learn by doing.

It works because you are using both the left and right sides of the brain. When you tie in both sides of the brain you retain so much more information. These methods are well known but under used. The Paradigm Shakers use these techniques so you get maximum benefit from your training.

Cafe Wall Illusion. This optical illusion makes the parallel straight horizontal lines appear to be bent.

Our Workshops

History is bunk! That's a well know phrase used by Henry Ford. What he really said was:- "History is more or less bunk. It's tradition. We don't want tradition. We want to live in the present, and the only history that is worth a tinker's damn is the history that we make today." With a Shakers workshop you can start to make your own history.

Read All About It – Free Training

The Shaker is the monthly newsletter that will keep you updated with information and tips from the workshops we run. You will be updated with new workshop or seminar dates so you can fit your development round your schedule.

There is an added bonus for taking the Shaker. The Paradigm Shakers to celebrate the launch of this web site are giving away to one lucky reader training to the value of £3,500. That's correct, one person will receive FREE training up to the value of £3,500. register for The Shaker and be in the draw for free training

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To keep up to date, why not sign up to our newsletter, "The Shaker". Moreover, you will automatically be entered into a draw to win £3,500 worth of training. Sign up for the newsletter here .

In-House or Open Workshops

The workshops can be delivered in one companies premises, run for one organisation on a neutral facility, or open to individuals from several organisations. The choice is yours.

Simply follow the links here and browse at your own pace.

Our Commitment

The Shakers are committed to quality and good business practice. Here are a list of commitments and responsibilities

Free Tips

You may want to take your time, so we have written a series of tips you can download here. Or why not check out our newsletter, packed full of informative articles. Sign up here and the first part will be landing at your in box in moments.

Taster Seminars

You can get a great deal of information and knowledge from one of our taster seminars. These are run outside usual business hours and last between 2 and 3 hours. Here you will get a great insight into the topic.

They are held in hotels and usually start between 5:30 to 6 and include tea and coffee as well as light refreshment. We hold some on Saturday mornings for those who have a busy evening schedule.

A great benefit for you is once you have attended one of out taster seminars you automatically qualify for a great discount on a day or 2 day workshop.

Fraser Spiral Illusion. 
The illusion is also known as the false spiral, or by its original name, the twisted cord illusion. 
The overlapping black arc segments appear to form a spiral; 
however, the arcs are a series of concentric circles.

Take a look at the seminars running soon.

Just starting Out?

We have all got to start somewhere, and the Paradigm Shakers welcome all. You will be set at ease by our experienced presenters and with our assessment and feedback system you are involved in your development from all aspects.

On our presentation workshops experience presenters have left the course with even more confidence. They have learned a new set of skills and techniques. They build on their existing knowledge giving them the confidence to deliver more effective presentations.

Three ways to develop your skills

You can experience all our skills coaching techniques for yourself via our:

PSA | Professional Speaking Association    FSB | Federation of Small Businesses

Paradigm Shakers ltd, 42 Cornard Rd, Sudbury, Suffolk.CO10 2XA
tel: 01787 313501

The Paradigm Shakers delivers Workshops and seminars on a range of presentation and business skills in East Anglia, including Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridge. We reserve the right to change or amend the content of any workshop or seminar to ensure you are getting the best leaning and training.