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Paradigm Shakers for Charities

The Charitable sector is finding it harder and harder to generate revenues and the Government is making it more difficult for charities with their spending cuts. Yet to counter this, your fund raisers have to be smarter, harder working, and more innovative just to stand still.

So how can you help them provide more funds for your charity?

Having your staff prepared to speak and present professionally is one obvious answer. People like listening to persuasive presentations for charities and the Paradigm Shakers presentation and soft skills training are idea for fund raisers success.

It will help your fund raising success if your people have all the presenting skills and are confident when they stand up in front of people. Listening skills are important for any sales person or fund raiser and by understand why people listen to you and how they perceive your words, are key skills. It's useful if your people have an understanding the sales process. This is so they can engage with potential business givers on their terms. They can discover how to on one of the Paradigm Shakers workshops.

Learn some of the communication techniques designed to get people on board and help your fundraisers. Learn some of the things your English teacher never taught you about writing. And how using video will help you stand out from the crowd.

As a registered Charity you can benefit from a significant saving on courses that will directly benefit the ability of your fund raisers to generate more revenue for the charity. The ability of people in the public eye to present effectively is a crucial skill in today's world. And as a charity any one of your staff who comes into contact with the public may have to summarise what the charity does quickly and concisely.

All courses delivered by the Paradigm Shakers are given by trainers who have worked in the area they train in, Sales, Presentation, Public Speaking, Marketing, Leadership and Social media. They are Subject Matter Experts, and are able to answer all your questions.

All bookings made by a registered charity receive a 35% discount.

Or call for an informal chat: 01787 313501

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tel: 01787 313501

The Paradigm Shakers delivers Workshops and seminars on a range of presentation and business skills in East Anglia, including Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridge. We reserve the right to change or amend the content of any workshop or seminar to ensure you are getting the best leaning and training.