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Client Feedback

"The difference when I speak to a group now is immediately noticeable.

Just wanted to say thank you, because I know my presentations now will be so much better and delivered with lots more confidence."

Sarah Montford Language Services


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From our Clients

The following comments are typical of what our clients have told us.

I can highly recommend Paul Johnstone of Paradigm Shakers to anyone needing advice on
delivering the best possible presentation.

His step by step approach on how to put the perfect speech together, removes any nerves you may
have when you need to stand up in front of a crowd.

All aspects were covered from content to the benefits and techniques of eye contact.

I can honestly say the service provided was fantastic value for money, and encourage any nervous
speakers to call him and conquer your nerves.
Adrian Baldry, Priority Driver Training - September   2011

Dear Paul,

Many thanks for your recent one–to–one training course, "On the Money".

I've always enjoyed talking to an audience, but your course has given me some valuable insights into how to structure and deliver a presentation for the best possible impact. Highly
Andy Glass - Director Silver Monkey Marketing - September   2011


I have just completed a 2 hour training session with Paul Johnstone on how to improve my presentation skills.

And I have to say it was brilliant!

A simple system easy to remember and improvements were seen in minutes...all I need to do now is practise!
Annya Stoddart - The Pain Relief Clinic - September   2011


I would like to say that Paul Johnstone has presented several times at my business networking group Coastal Net and every time he has been excellent.

His presentation style is always informative and engaging and he delivers with both passion and knowledge of the chosen subject. This is added to by the sense of fun and interaction he develops within the group.

He is exceptional at bringing people into the discussions so that everyone feels included. I find Paul both approachable and flexible, which is amplified by his easy speaking and delivery style.

Paul was very quick to respond and understood the requirements of the group. I was very satisfied with the quality of service, content and delivery and would recommend Paul to anyone else in need of a motivational speaker or trainer.
Dominic Allen, Co-ordinator - CoastalNet - March   2011

In 2007, when I was working with a major IT Consultancy I used Paul to show product sales people how to promote and sell services. This is often an issue with many product sales people, as these two skills are not frequently found in the same person. I would like to say that when Paul Johnstone delivered to us he received one of the best attendee feed back scores we had seen. He quickly got inside the group so they went with him on every step of the journey. Not only that but he achieved effective knowledge transfer in a two hour seminar.

Paul is good at including people into the discussion, this has the affect of generating personal interest from his audience. The net result is the attendees buy into the subject and benefit from the session.

I can say without hesitation that when I have a requirement for sales or presentation skills training I will be calling Paul.
Sarah Montford, Kingston: Surrey - March   2011


Just to say your training course for my Regional directors was fabulous. The lads left on a high.

The workshops were informative and great fun while not losing sight of the overall objectives.

There was a good mixture of praise and constructive criticism and plenty of comments tailored to each individual. After two days of challenging work. I would recommend you without hesitation.

In conclusion I found the whole course well structured, each mini session built on the last and I felt there was continuous improvement from the attendees.
John Welburn, Managing Director, Refer-On Ltd - November   2010

Dear Paul

I felt I had to write this note to you. After attending your training session I
delivered a presentation to a potential large client. And I have to say the effect
of your system was wonderful.

When I was with you I was just a tad sceptical about the system, although a
couple of the techniques you showed me changed the way I presented
immediately. Now I have used it in anger I can say its fantastic. The difference
when I speak to a group now is immediately noticeable.
Just wanted to say thank you, because I know my presentations now will be so
much better and delivered with lots more confidence.

Warm Regards

Sarah Montford Language Services

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The Paradigm Shakers delivers Workshops and seminars on a range of presentation and business skills in East Anglia, including Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridge. We reserve the right to change or amend the content of any workshop or seminar to ensure you are getting the best leaning and training.