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Presentation Skills Foundation Advanced Presentation Skills Workshop

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"I've always enjoyed talking to an audience, but your course has given me some valuable insights into how to structure and deliver a presentation for the best possible impact. Highly
recommended! "

Andy Glass - Director Silver Monkey Marketing


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Presentation Skills, Foundations workshop

You will find this one day open workshop is ideal for people who would like to improve their presentation skills. Or know they need to present in a more comfortable style. You may want to find a way of overcoming your nerves and fears. If any of these ring a bell, this workshop is for you.

Workshops are the ideal environment to learn and understand just how easy presenting is.

Presented by Paul Johnstone

A One Day Workshop

A one day workshop covering all you need to know to enable you to present with confidence. Get inside the tips professionals use so effectively to generate business and raise their profile. Learn how to get your message across on this clear, succinct, naturally relaxed environment.

About Foundations of Presenting

This foundation course is ideal for people taking their first steps as a presenter or even as a speaker. It's ideal for you if you have little or no experience of speaking or presenting to groups. Or you want to feel more at ease when you present. In our supportive environment you will 'walk' through all the skills you need to deliver a natural, professional presentation.

With a maximum of 8 people on this foundation workshop you will get personal help and support throughout the day. This simple and proven method will help you deliver a quality presentation.

On this one day workshop you will:

  • have taken the first steps to becoming a good presenter
  • be able to control your nerves
  • be able to speak more confidently in front of an audience
  • know how to prepare and structure your presentations
  • been supported all the way
  • have enjoyed the experience!
  • Master the 10 fundamentals of presenting

Lots of people have told us they take away great memories chock full of practical tips and techniques. You will be able to plan for future presentations with confidence. And you get our follow up service as well as your manual and tool kit.


Opening video for the topic 75 � 100 seconds overview of each topic

See what you learn on this workshop

You will gain valuable skills to help you present professionally. Our trainers use a wide range of practical, enjoyable, tried and tested approaches that bring out the best in you. You'll find your workshop interactive, supportive and fun. You will quickly build your confidence as you experiment and enjoy the learning experience.

**** Make this list with bigger ticks ***

  • You'll learn a series of simple techniques to help you relax. Understand how take control of your nervous energy before you present.
  • You'll learn valuable vocal and body language techniques designed to build confidence. Discover how to understand your audience and use that to your advantage.
  • You will take away powerful techniques used by professional presenters. These are all easy to learn and even easier to put into practice.

You'll surprise yourself by just how much you learn on this one day feature packed workshop.

Your workshop leader

Presented by Paul Johnstone

This course will be presented by Paul Johnstone an experienced presenter and professional Networker. Paul has etcetera <>

Foundations of presenting shows you how.

On this one day workshop you will discover lots of great techniques that de-mystify presenting to groups. You will find here the workshop topics that are covered on this day with us.


  • Getting comfortable
  • Opening the confidence door
  • Warm up you and!!!

Prepare to present

  • Who, How & Where
  • Use your surroundings
  • Being comfortable

It's about you

  • Your ideas Superstore
  • Relax 1

Your Skeletons

  • The bones have it all
  • Building a good body
  • Open, middle & Close

What is a Presentation?

  • The types of presentation
  • Using aids
  • The power of images

Get ready to succeed

  • Dealing with nerves
  • Building self confidence
  • Creating a confident impression

Body, voice & you

  • Good & bad habits
  • Dealing with common fears
  • Posture and breathing

Comfort Zone

  • The comfort of your group
  • How to look after your audience


  • What is Timing?
  • Ladies & gentlemen
  • Its how you start


  • Our technique for success
  • Hold'em and Lock'em
  • Feel the comfort of Home
  • Control your audience

Some More Skills

  • The eyes have it
  • Connecting with everyone
  • Using confident body language

Presentation Practice

  • Your delivery style
  • Evaluation and feedback

No Jargon Zone

  • Opening the confidence door
  • Warm up you and!!!
  • Certainties

Your venue preparation

  • Opening the confidence door
  • Warm up you and!!!

Visual Aids

  • Opening the confidence door
  • Warm up you and!!!


  • Tools of the trade
  • Lights
  • Microphones


  • Opportunity to practice frequently
  • Feedback on your performance
  • Supportive feedback and encouragement


  • Feedback from the workshop leader
  • Your own completed work sheet
  • Suggested follow on activities.

And much more...

Course presenter in action

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Discover our unique HOME secret

You probably feel relaxed and at ease in your own home. Our HOME system is designed to relax you and give you that confident feeling. You will learn techniques to help you feel at ease in front of an audience.

Is This Really for me?

This workshop is ideal for people who want to master presenting. This skill will help you in business and your personal life. You may be nervous, or even fearful of presenting. Don't worry that's normal and you're not alone.

Not Sure?

Presenting is like anything else and gets easier with guidance and practice.

The phrases people use to describe the feeling of dread or nerves often include things like:-

I get Sweaty palmsMy Hands shakePounding HeartI feel afraidI'm Petrified
It brings anxiety attacksI get very nervousI avoid at all costsMy voice dries upOften my mind blanks
Racing ThoughtsFeel totally stressedI feel stupidI feel inadequateI want to be sick
I get breathing issuesI get embarrassedI dither and fretI forget the topicI've been fixated

With our workshops we will dispel the myths and help you be at ease when presenting.

Your workshop is backed by our 100% money back guarantee


Your workshop is backed by our 100% money back guarantee.

If for any reason you do not feel you have benefited from this course. Simply fill in our refund form within 7 days of taking the course and we will refund your money in full.

This refund is restricted to one person per entity.

You Benefit

On this workshop you'll:

  • achieve confidence in presenting to groups
  • learn how to overcome nerves
  • discover the unique HOME system
  • be able to deliver professional presentations
  • overcome any nerves or anxiety you have

What does this mean for My Business?

The ability to present is a key skill in business today. Look at some of the best known entrepreneurs; Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and Alan Sugar are all top class presenters.

Most people understand that the opportunity to present is a fantastic way to generate more business. You feel more confident which helps in other areas of life and business.

Your success

Once you have the confidence to talk to groups you will be amazed at the difference


Closing video for the topic 120 � 180 seconds wrapping up the course benefits

Course & Material

On all Open workshops you will receive:

  • All Course material and notebooks
  • Presentation skills Journal
  • Foundation Manual
  • Email tips for 12 months
  • Membership of the forum
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Continued Support

After the workshop we provide even more support. Through the emails support feature you will receive personalised tips to help even further. On-going support newsletter and email

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So you want to present better?

  • You'll learn a series of simple techniques to help you relax. Understand how take control of your nervous energy before you present.
  • You'll learn valuable vocal and body language techniques designed to build confidence. Discover how to understand your audience and use that to your advantage.
  • You will take away powerful techniques used by professional presenters. These are all easy to learn and even easier to put into practice.

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