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"I would like to say that when Paul Johnstone delivered to us he received one of the best attendee feed back scores we had seen."

Sarah Montford, Kingston: Surrey


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One-to-One coaching

When your needs and requirements demand, something a little bit extra, you may be best served by one-to-one coaching. You benefit directly from personal attention and as a result, you get the edge. For a completely personal, in-depth and confidential look at your specific issues, The Paradigm Shakers offers high level one to one coaching. One-on-one training sessions provide an opportunity to provide focused attention to the student. Many people have realized when learning new skills, students usually feel more comfortable asking questions when their colleagues, bosses, or subordinates aren't in the same room. We have several techniques for creating comfortable, productive one-on-one training sessions. Our Subject Matter Experts are dynamic, empathetic and highly experienced so they get to the heart of your issues with speed and effectiveness.

  • Overcome the fear of Public speaking
  • Communication skills
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Powerful Presentation techniques
  • Tele Marketing
  • Managing People
  • Business presentations
  • Best Man speech training
  • Improve your selling skills
  • Team Management
  • Social Media that wins business
  • Presenting with visual aids
  • Financial Skills explained
  • Avoid Death by PowerPoint
  • Supervising Staff
  • Media Training

Designing and delivering a one to one training session requires all the skills of group delivery and an adaptable approach to ensure your learning is successful.

One to One training allows you to customise your training experience and book the appropriate subject matter expert to deliver it. Every course will be individually tailored to your requirements and pace. This comes with bespoke training materials created especially for you.

Whether you need is for a specific project, a new direction or task. The Paradigm Shakers courses are flexible and tailored to your specific requirements. You decide the topics you need to cover and the time scale available to you. Your trainer will discuss your requirements in advance and provide working examples that are relevant to you throughout your course.

A One to One course ensures you work at the pace comfortable to you. Our Subject Matter Experts who deliver your one to one sessions to your schedule.

To give you that something extra, or to overcome the fear of public speaking, one to one coaching is for you. His one-to-one sessions are designed to give you the edge.

Please call us to discuss your specific requirements.

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The Paradigm Shakers delivers Workshops and seminars on a range of presentation and business skills in East Anglia, including Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridge. We reserve the right to change or amend the content of any workshop or seminar to ensure you are getting the best leaning and training.